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High Interest Online Savings Account

Date Added: July 06, 2008 07:40:25 PM
Category: Financial: Banking: High Interest Savings Account

High Interest Online Savings Account
By Rhonda Strump

Representing a safe way to invest, a high interest rate online savings account is more sought after than ever. Currently with the economy and financial markets in a flux many have images of the 1920's. Then average citizens invested hard earned money into stocks, bonds and other investments only to be wiped out during the great crash of 1929. From that financial tragedy sprung the FDIC. Now not only are your deposits into a savings account insured up to $100,000 now there are also online savings accounts that have many benefits.

With the economy and markets changing rapidly again, people that have invested in volatile stocks and other risky investments are now seeking to reduce their risk. The good thing is that in the time since the great crash of '29 they have a option that is safe, a high interest savings account.

These types of savings accounts with high interest rates are a god send to many. Especially since we all like money, in particular money that is made by just leaving our deposits in the account of a bank or financial institution.

What is the secret? There really is not one. A large sum of money to deposit initially is a sure way. To paraphrase an old saying "It takes money to make money". It used to be you could qualify for a savings account with a high interest rate only with a deposit of a minimum of $10,000. Some savings accounts still have these requirements, but not all

Today a high interest online savings account is actually available to the average person. The only requirement is a little research. That's it. The internet has made it easy to find and compare high interest rate savings accounts online. You will find these from reputable and recognizable financial institutions online and even traditional brick and mortar banks.

There was a time when it was necessary for people that wanted to take advantage of savings accounts with high interest to come together and pool their funds to accumulate the needed large deposit. Now not only do you not need a large deposit some savings accounts have little to no restrictions such as a minimum deposit or maintaining minimum balances.

Financial institutions that are online only like ING Direct and others often provide more aggressive annual percentage rates for their internet savings accounts than many brick and mortar banks can offer. You reap the benefits, since operating online allows for low overhead costs, that is no banking location, no financial officers, no branches to manage. These higher interest rates are usually the big draw for those interested in opening a savings accounts on line, specifically one with high interest rates .

When you begin to research financial institutions that offer you a savings account that meets your requirement of a high interest rate, be sure to keep an eye out not only for restrictions but also perks. Competition is high among the banks and your deposit dollars are in demand so make sure you compare everything. No matter what your savings goal is, with just a little research you should have no problem securing a high interest online savings account.

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